About Us

My name is Rakesh Kumar, basically from Andhra Pradesh in South India. First and foremost, I thank God for bestowing me with the wisdom to create this website and all the recipes. I take great pleasure in thanking my MOM for the technical and moral support. I am indebted to my parents, my in laws and my friends for their kind co-operation and encouragement.
Having stayed in different places in India, I’ve had the opportunity to try out varieties of food. This site has a collection of all and the recipes that have been passed on to me by my family and friends.Some recipes are illustrated in the traditional way while others are modified taking into consideration the busy lifestyle and health issues.

Most of the recipes fall under four main categories:-

Traditional Indian recipes: These are some recipes that have existed in our country for many many years. e.g :- Fish biryani, Chicken Biryani etc.

Variations of traditional recipes: This includes traditional recipes with new ingredients. It also focuses on the people who have many diet restrictions and cannot enjoy traditional food.

Indian recipes for foreign ingredients: There are so many Indians living abroad who may not have access to the traditional Indian ingredients. But the good new is that most of the foreign fruits, vegetables and grains can be easily adapted to Indian flavors. You will find many such recipes in this site. These will surely help our friends who stay abroad. Many such ingredients have started penetrating out Indian market as well. So our Indian friend’s who want to experiment they could surely use these recipes as a guide. It will also encourage our viewers from other countries to add an Indian touch to their native produce.


Foreign Recipes: In today’s world, everything is available everywhere. With the growth of science and technology, people are exposed to different cultures, cuisines and raw materials very easily. More and more people are interested in trying out something new. You can try out many international recipes in our site that have been tried and tested in our Indian kitchen.

Overall, you will find the site interesting and full of tasty food. The presentation and explanation may not be very professional but definitely simple to understand. It will surely motivate anyone to cook.Bachelors, newly weds, new cooks or anyone new to Indian cuisine can try these recipes. It is explained in very simple english with detailed steps. You can post in any queries or doubts any time. It will be replied within 24 hours.
I hope these recipes will surely help to improve your cooking. A person with lot of information is a knowledgeable man. But a wise man puts the knowledge to application. So I encourage you to try out all the recipes.
I also encourage the viewers to share their lovable recipes, cooking ideas, simple tips, comments or any other suggestions as often as possible. It will help us grow and become more user friendly. You can do this using the comments section or simply send an e-mail to info.htidl@gmail.com.

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